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I am wondering if you all offer rent to own properties?
- Mary Walton
Hi Mary, Sorry had problems logging in to website. But no we no longer handle rent to purchases at this point. I suggest google Stateline Realtors or Pioneer Realtors they made offer. Thank you Sandy
Sandra Are you managing rental property also? How do you charge. Thanks Victor
- Victor
I am sorry we no longer do property management. Sold the company last year. You could call one of my previous property managers Jose at 815-601-4912
I am relocating back to the Rockford area from another job promotion and I am interested in the new construction rental homes in Machesney Park. I will be glad to pay any fee that you would charge. Thank you for a response at your earliest convenience. Phone: 815-519-1499
- Ms. George
Referred to a showing agent
Hi, we are looking for a 1 bedroom rental. Our budget is around $550, if some utilities are included. Also, we have a 35 pound dog. If you could help us find something, we would really appreciate it!
- Chad & Caitlin
Hi and thank you for posting this question. We do have rentals that offer pets as an option. I would like to referr you to our website of for more information and if you would like to see any please give us a call Cliff 289-1459 Thank you again
Hi! I am looking for a two or three bedroom home no more than 700? If their is anything out their with in the flinn middle school area please let me know. Thank you Anna
- anna
Hi Anna, we do have a website you can view to see if any homes met your needs. or you can call one of our agents at 815-289-1459
Hi, is there a specific place on your site for rental homes? I'm looking for homes between 500.00 to 750.00 can i have a list emailed to me??
- Stephanie
Hi, Our rental site is and we be happy to email you a list of houses . Thank you for your inquiry. Sandy
I am lookng for a Home for MY Wife and I. A nice home with plenty of open land to grow a full and Healty Garden. We are looking for a 2-3bedroom Home. With a and a half bathroom. I hope that this House at 808/or 810 on 18th ST. Please Reply Thank-You
- Allen Brush
Forwarding your questions to a realtor. Thank you for your inquiry. Sandra Pastore
In regards to MLS ID: 60350 - I love this area and have been looking to rent a home for awhile with no luck so when I saw this listing I got excited to purchase but with a credit score of less than 600 I'm pretty sure it's not possible. Are there any lenders that would consider me for a loan at this time? Thank you
- Kelly
Hi Kelly, I would try Vision Mortgage or Open Mortgage, Roy Paeth 815-899-3848. Sometimes they have more programs to work with instead of traditional banks to acquire mortgages. Also I know that these two lenders have been helpful in telling you what you need to do to qualify 6 months or a year down the road. I hope this helps. Hope to see you back. Sandy
Do you guys still have the rent to own program?
- Joe
Dear Joe, At this time, we do have one on 6205 Windmill in Loves Park. 3 bedroom tri-level. If you would like to see please call Evelyn at 815-399-5577. Thank you. Sandy
My husband and I are looking into renting to own and would like to get some info on this. Thank you
- Tina
Dear Tina, We do have one at this time 6205 Windmill, tri-level 3 bedroom in Loves Park. If you would like to see please call Evelyn at 815-399-5577 5 Points
Im looking for a rental home that is at least 3/2/2 around the 61108 area, priced no higher than 1100. I will be looking to move in between 15 April and 15 May. Do you have or know of anything that may be coming available around that time?
- Tacara Johnson
Hi Tacara, I will forward your mail request to Jose. He is a rental showing agent and will be able to tell you if there are any up and coming rentals in the areas you are requesting. You can also call him directly at 815-601-4912
What is involved in the financing of a HUD property ?? for example MLS ID: 59228Price: $58,300
- Cheryl Woods
Hi Cheryl, Depending on whether or not your a first time homebuyer,the home is insured by FHA for financing, HUD has a program for $100 down payment. But most lenders offer FHA financing with as little as 3% down payment and then you would supply the lender with the last 3 years tax returns,employment info,and a list of all your debts. At that point the lender can tell you how much you qualify for or what you may have to do to be qualify (Like payoff a credit card etc). I hope this helps, if you would like us to help you locate a lender please give us a call we would love to assist you. Sincerely, Sandra Pastore
I was wondering if you helped people find rental homes?
- brittany
Yes, we have homes available, plus homes coming in from week to week. So please give us a call at 815-399-5623. We have lists available that can be picked up or fax/email to you. Thank you for your inquiry. Sandy
Hello! I am trying to locate homes for rent or lease located east of Alpine Rd and north of State St that have at least 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Do you have any properties available that fit this criteria? I look forward to hearing from you, thank you in advance.
- LaToya Marz
Hi Latoya, I dont think we have anything currently in these areas. But I will check with staff on upcoming and log your email in and send you information on anything up and coming. Thank you. Sandy
Hello, I am trying to see if my husband & I qualify for a home loan or anything in general despite that we filed and closed our chapter 7 bankruptcy in October 2009. Do we even stand a chance to apply or even consider purchasing a home?
- JulieAnn
Hi JulieAnn, Yes, you do have a chance. A bankruptcy can be considered a clean slate. Were you able to maintain a couple lines of credit during your bankruptcy? If you did this will help a lot as you rebuild your credit. Otherwise, I would suggest to try and open a small line of credit and pay off monthly to rebuild. Usually within a year of good credit your credit score will increase and faster with lines of credit. Then I would suggest you call a lender and ask to be prequalified. All most all lenders do this for free. I hope this helps and hope to assist you in your home buying for the future. Sincerely, Sandra Pastore
I'm looking for an apt/home for rent close to saint anthonys hospital. something in the 500-600 range. could you email some imformation? thank you
- kristi Cook
Dear Kristi we do have units available if you call our office we can fax or email a list to you. Or if you wish to stop in and pick up a list from our front counter anything during the business day. Thanks Sandy
I'm trying to find out if you all have any for bedroom houses for rent. I also have a section 8 voucher
- Angel owens
Yes, we do have some 4 bedrooms, you can call Jose at 815-601-4912 to set up showings
I'm trying to find out if you all have any for bedroom houses for rent. I also have a section 8 voucher
- Angel owens
Dear Angel, We did have one or two not sure if still available, but you could call our showing agent Jose at 815-601-4912 and check with him as he usually has most of the 4 bedroom homes. Thank you. Sandy
Do you have rental homes?
- Debbie Lanfair
Yes, we almost always have rental homes. If you call our office we can fax or email these to you if you would like. Or just let me know if you would like me to email one to you at this email. Thanks sandy
Looking to rent own or own home. Do you presently have any rent to own property ?
- debra pulliam
Dear Debra, Rentals we do have, I personally do not suggest rent to purchase for anyone. Its benefits the seller to have you there and usually you will pay a premium for this arrangement. I would suggest rent and save a down payment and then you have the entire market to chose from versus one or two. FHA loans offer as little as 3% down payment and if you are willing to do a little work some homes repossessed offer 3% plus repairs rolled in. Please let us know if you would like to look into these types of purchases. If you would like me to email you a rental list to this address please let me know. Sincerely, Sandy
I'm looking for a 3 to 4 bdrm houses to rent that is located on the northwest to north area with the price range of 700 to 800. Thank you.
- lashawn
Dear Lashawn, We did have 3 or 4 available. But as you know they go quickly. I would suggest please give our showing agent Jose at 815-601-4912 a call, as he would know if there is anything new coming on the market. Sincerely Sandy
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